masala tea

Masala Tea

Masala tea or masala chai is the evening and morning favorite tea. It is popular part in indian household.Masala added into normal tea which makes more special.

mutton masala

Mutton masala

mutton masala recipe- with simple ingrediants and steps you can make delicious mutton masala recipe within minutes.

kothu parotta

Kothu parotta

kothu parotta is a popular street food from india. They make it so quickly. You can use scissors or knife to chop them into pieces.

chicken ghee roast

Chicken ghee roast

chicken ghee roast dish tastes and looks wonderful and it is more popular in karnataka.

mutton stew

Mutton stew

its actually very good side-dish for Appam.Learn how to make delicious mutton stew recipe with step by step.

egg roast

Egg roast

A quick and easy egg roast recipe made using chopped onions and tomatoes.



palpayasam is rich ,creamy and tastes heavenly.

fish fingers

Fish fingers

Crispy, golden fish fingers are brilliantly fun and easy to make – and kids will definitely love this.

beef curry

Beef curry

beef curry is an easy and delicious Kerala style dish.

veg fried rice

Veg fried rice

veg fried rice is the perfect way to include the veggies in your kids.

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